What is a town centre plan?

It is a plan that:

  • identifies issues and opportunities around a centre
  • provides a long-term vision
  • recommends actions that need to be taken to achieve the vision.

The plan is about managing change and coordinating public and private investment so the town centre is more attractive, vibrant and can respond to the community’s changing needs.

The types of initiatives the plan could include are:

  • street and public space upgrades
  • pedestrian safety improvements
  • infrastructure upgrades
  • making better use of Council-owned land
  • changing how many car parks there are
  • setting up a Business Improvement District
  • branding and marketing of the town centre and suburb
  • working with landowners and developers to enable good quality developments.

Town centre plans usually cover a period of around 10 years.


How a plan is developed

Developing a town centre plan is done in three phases.

  1. We identify the issues and opportunities that matter to the local community.
  2. We prepare a draft town centre plan with an overall vision and ideas to respond to the issues and opportunities identified. The draft plan includes the actions and time needed to realise the vision.
  3. We consult with you on the draft town centre plan, refine it as appropriate, and take it to the Council to be adopted.

When this process is complete, we put the plan into action. This may involve physical changes to the centre and working with developers on identified development sites. This may take several years.