Our population is changing

Wellington’s population is expected to increase by 50,000 people over the next 30 years. The number of empty nesters and retirees (60 years and over) is expected to grow by about 16,700 by 2043.

The number of households made up of couples with no dependents and people living alone is expected to increase by about 14,000 by 2043 and will make up over half of the household types in 2043. These households make up over two thirds of our expected growth.

These changes mean we must look at Wellington’s future housing needs to make sure there is:

  • enough good quality housing – we will need about 21,400 extra dwellings by 2043
  • a range of housing types that meet Wellingtonians’ changing needs, such as being able to remain in the same suburb regardless of your age, having lower maintenance properties, and smaller households
  • good access to town centres and public transport
  • high-quality local facilities, shops and services.


Our needs in the future

The Council has a responsibility to give the community what it needs and make it possible for a variety of housing types to be developed. To achieve this, we are proposing to encourage more medium-density housing to be built in areas that can support high-quality developments.

To make sure these areas continue to be suitable for more housing, the Council is also running a town centre planning programme. This will involve the local communities and identify important local issues as well as opportunities for change. It will provide a vision for the town centre and an action plan to achieve this vision.