What you told us

We talked with the community about a plan for Tawa town centre in November and December 2015. We received 30 submissions from individuals and organisations, including:

  • three from local businesses
  • one from a prospective business operator
  • one from a local church
  • three from organisations
  • 22 from Tawa residents.

Of the submissions, 24 were on the consultation feedback form, and ranked the proposals as low, medium or high priority. All 30 submissions included written responses detailing additional plans, or why they supported or didn’t support the proposals.


Main themes

The main messages from the public consultation:

  • The proposals were mostly supported.
  • People would like the local shopfronts improved.
  • People wanted a roundabout created at the Surrey Street and Main Road junction.
  • People want the laneway next to The Pink Pineapple kept open.

Submitters also supported improvements for pedestrians, particularly for the young, school children and the elderly. Raised zebra crossings should be considered.

Submitters suggested other ideas, including:

  • producing a transport plan
  • improving drainage around the town centre
  • improving access between the railway station and the town centre.


Priority rankings

Submitters ranked the proposals by priority. The highest priority proposals were:

  • support shop owners to improve their frontages
  • create a roundabout at the Surrey Street and Main Road junction
  • formalise the pedestrian crossings
  • upgrade the public space in front of the Plan B building.

The lowest priority proposals were:

  • lighting landmark trees and buildings
  • closing the lane next to The Pink Pineapple
  • raising and planting the central median.

The table below shows the responses ranked from highest to lowest. Submitters ranked proposals from 1 (low to 3 (high). 



Average ranking

Support shop owners to tidy up shop fronts, verandahs and signs


Create a new roundabout at the Main Road and Surrey Street junction


Formalise the pedestrian crossings between Harcourts and the Samoan Assembly of God, and between the library and the Catholic Church


Upgrade the public space in front of the Plan B building to create a sunny extension of the Tawa Plaza


Raise the pedestrian crossing between Plan B building and the TAB


Add colour throughout the centre with flags, planting or in other ways


Create highly visible gateway features at town centre entrances


Reconfigure the Essex Street entrance


Raise and plant part of the central median


Close the lane next to The Pink Pineapple


Light up landmarks such as trees or buildings



Next steps

We need to do more work on these proposals. For example, we need to resolve access to the Baptist Church before doing any more work on the roundabout. Submitters suggested there are other options for the laneway that need to be explored, such as a shared surface or one-way systems.

We will continue to work through the results of this consultation and develop the ideas. We will use this information, and expert reports, to continue preparing the Tawa town centre plan.

Train station access

Some people suggested we improve the pedestrian crossing at the junction of Oxford Street and Melville Street to make it easier to access the train station. We will look into this idea under the Minor Road Safety programme rather than the town centre upgrade budget.

Business Improvement District

Some people suggested improvements relating to shop fronts and signs; to branding and marketing activities; and to temporary features such as flags, hanging baskets and murals. These cannot be funded from the current budget.

We recommend pursuing these initiatives through a Business Improvement District (BID). A BID is a group of local businesses and landowners that join forces to improve their local area. The process of establishing a BID is under way in Tawa.