Concept plan for Tawa town centre

The improvements proposed are designed to:

  • better define the shopping area from the rest of Main Road
  • improve the centre’s character
  • reduce conflict between road users and make walking around the centre safer.

Surrey Street roundabout

A roundabout at the Main Road and Surrey Street junction would help define the shopping area from the north, slow drivers down and alert them to pedestrians, and make it safer for Surrey Street traffic turning onto Main Road.

Estimated cost $285,000

Raised pedestrian crossing

Raising the pedestrian crossing between the Plan B House and the TAB would provide a safer and better pedestrian connection between both sides of Main Road. It would also help slow the traffic in the busiest part of the shopping area, and draw attention to the upgraded public space.

Estimated cost $75,000

Gateway features

Highly visible gateway features at the junctions of Main Road with Cambridge and Surrey streets. These features could include new signage and planting to set the shopping area apart from the rest of Main Road.

Estimated cost $75,000

Essex Street junction

Redesigning the junction of Main Road and Essex Street would narrow the roadway at the entrance into Essex Street, shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians and create space to plant trees. These changes would make walking around the shopping area safer and more pleasant, and help improve the town centre’s image.

Estimated cost $150,000

Planted central median strip

A planted central median strip to replace part of the asphalted painted median strip would create garden beds for street trees and low planting. Planted median strips would help create an attractive village environment and remind motorists to drive carefully through the busiest part of the town centre.

Estimated cost $90,000

Plaza upgrade

Upgrading the space in front of Plan B House would create a sunny extension to the Tawa Plaza. This would involve redesigning the area to create a usable space, and refreshing its look with new paving, seating, lighting and planting. This space would be visible from Main Road and would help improve the town centre’s image.

Estimated cost $610,000