The respondents

We received 149 responses from individuals and organisations in the Tawa community. They included:

  • 5 from organisations: Tawa Community Board, Tawa Busines Group, Vibrant Tawa, NZ Heavy Haulage Association and the Architectural Centre;
  • 144 from individuals or local businesses.


Key findings

  • The plaza upgrade is the preferred improvement and was ranked the highest priority for funding. The submissions of local organisation highlighted the need for the plaza upgrade to be done well.
  • The Surrey Street roundabout and raised pedestrian crossing were ranked second and third priorities respectively; with the gateway features, planted central median and the Essex Street junction all identified as low priorities.
  • Many submitters, including local organisations, stated that the Surrey Street roundabout is needed for traffic reasons, not to revitalise the town centre, and should therefore not be funded by this project.
  • Many submitters identified the need to improve the pedestrian crossing outside the Post Shop.
  • There were many suggestions around the detailed design of the plaza. 


Summary of Submissions

For further information, we have prepared a summary of submissions.