We talked with the community about the housing choice and town centre projects in March/April 2015. We received 171 submissions representing 280 people.


What you told us

The main messages from the public consultation:

  • Generally people accept that Tawa is suitable for medium-density housing, although the impact on existing residential dwellings is a key concern.
  • The most accepted locations for medium-density housing are around the town centre and along public transport routes.
  • Submitters question the demand for medium-density housing in Tawa, given that population growth has been slow in recent years.
  • Design controls on medium-density housing are important. These include setbacks, heights, open space provisions, and sunlight and noise controls.
  • Two storeys is the preferred height for medium-density housing.
  • High-quality design and materials are necessary to make sure new housing fits in with the current look of the area.
  • Medium-density housing should not look all the same – diversity in design is encouraged.
  • Neighbours’ approval should be sought where medium-density housing goes next to them.
  • Design controls should be the same as or no less stringent than the current standards.



Summary of Feedback on Housing Choice and Town Centre Planning for Tawa, March to April, 2015 (110KB PDF)

A copy of all submissions is available on request from housing.choice@wcc.govt.nz