Town centre improvements

We are investing in Tawa town centre to make it more attractive, vibrant and safe.

Based on three rounds of consultation, we have decided to progress with the plaza upgrade, and two raised pedestrian crossings.

A summary of the submissions received can be found here

Town centre planning


Medium-density housing

We’ve drafted a District Plan Change that proposes introducing a medium-density residential area (MDRA) and making changes to building design standards. The Wellington Urban Growth Plan identified Tawa as potentially suitable for a medium-density residential area, which would give people more choice and allow for more homes to be built.

Tawa already has important features that support successful medium-density housing, including four train stations and good access to community facilities and open spaces, including Grasslees Reserve. However  improvements in the town centre are needed to help support the current and future residents.

We will be consulting in 2017 on a proposed District Plan change to facilitate medium-density housing around Tawa town centre.

Housing choice and supply