What you told us

Residents generally understood that the need for medium-density housing is to provide a variety of housing to accommodate differing housing needs. Many people raised concerns about the carrying capacity of Newlands Road, which also accommodates traffic from greenfield development areas such as Woodridge. 

People recognised that suburbs do change over time. However, people were concerned about the impact medium-density development would have on existing residential amenities, such as sunlight, noise, privacy, and physical dominance.

Other general matters raised:

  • Some expressed a desire to down-size, but noted that there are limited opportunities to do so.
  • Community services, such as the medical centre, were seen to have limited capacity.
  • Developments should provide off-street car parking.
  • There was concern about how medium-density housing would affect property values.
  • It was viewed that network infrastructure is at capacity (3 Waters).
  • Public transport at peak times would require improved or increased services.



The most accepted locations for medium-density housing are close to the town centre and along public transport routes.


Building standards

Residents commented on medium-density housing scale and design:

  • Two-storeys (rather than three) is the preferred medium-density housing height.
  • Additional height could be appropriate where sites are large and streets are wide.
  • Design controls are important, such as setbacks, heights, open space provisions, and sunlight and noise controls.
  • Onsite car parking is important.


Design and appearance

Residents clearly stated that high-quality design is required:

  • High-quality design and materials are necessary to ensure new housing is appropriate in the local context.
  • There is concern that developers and architects and designers will not produce high-quality designs and that Council will not adequately ensure developments are of a high standard.
  • Housing needs to be designed to accommodate needs – i.e. elderly people may not want to live in multi-storey homes.
  • Encourage eco-friendly design and building solutions.
  • Concern about an increase in impervious surfaces.
  • Designs should provide onsite “green space”.



Newlands public meeting notes 25 Nov 2015 (425KB PDF)