Urban Development Strategy established


This strategy put forward the idea of encouraging residential growth around key suburban centres and public transport networks, so as to keep the city compact and sustainable.

Wellington Urban Growth Plan adopted

June 2015

Newlands identified as suitable for a medium-density residential housing area.

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Transport and Urban Development Committee meeting

September 2015

TUD Committee agrees to start investigations in Newlands.

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Transport and Urban Development Committee meeting

March 2016

TUD Committee directed the preparation of a draft Plan Change for Newlands.

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Feedback from consultation on the draft Plan Change will be considered and necessary changes made

September – November 2016

Based on your feedback we will make any necessary changes to the draft District Plan Change and MDRA boundary.

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Report back to Transport and Urban Development Committee

December 2016

We will report back to the TUD Committee and it is likely that the committee will vote on whether to notify a District Plan Change for Newlands.

Formal notification of District Plan Change to introduce medium-density residential areas in Newlands


If the TUD Committee votes in favour, a District Plan Change for Newlands will be formally notified.

Public hearing on District Plan Change

2017 – 2018

You will have a chance to speak to your submission in front of a District Plan hearing panel.

Recommendation made by hearing panel and decision made by Council

2017 – 2018

A final decision will be made on whether to formally introduce a medium-density residential area in Newlands and make the District Plan operative.