Medium-density residential area

We’re continuing to work with Newlands to accommodate the community's future housing needs. We’ve drafted a District Plan Change that proposes introducing a medium-density residential area (MDRA) and making changes to building design standards.

We recently asked for your feedback on the draft District Plan Change. We have reviewed your responses and prepared a summary of submissions. Based on what you have you told us, we will continue to investigate options and refine the draft MDRA boundary and building standards.

Housing choice and supply


Why Newlands

The Wellington Urban Growth Plan identified Newlands as potentially suitable for a medium-density residential area (MDRA), which would give people more choice and allow for more homes to be built. The suburb already has important features that support successful medium-density housing.

Newlands already has a town centre plan, and improvements outlined in this plan have been done to make the area more vibrant and attractive. Our Long-term Plan 2015–25 also includes funding for the construction of a new community playground in 2018/19 at Newlands Park.